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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement

Executive Summary



Principal: Hannah Lim

School Site Council Approval Date: October 19, 2021

State Program Funds:

LCFF Supplemental







Title I

Economically Disadvantaged


Estimated Funds:

$ 91,727

$ 115,416

Estimated Funds:


School Mission/Vision


The Beechwood School community works together to ensure that each student receives a rigorous and balanced educational program in a caring environment where intercultural understanding and respect are valued. All children will develop critical skills that will allow them to effectively communicate, collaborate with peers, investigate & solve problems, and achieve their full academic and creative potential. 


Our vision is to see that all students are equipped, enriched, and empowered for college and career readiness. We envision a school where the Professional Learning Community works in collaborative teams to focus on student learning and achievement. Teachers, students, and staff work on meeting grade level standards targeting specific learning needs and writing S.M.A.R.T. goals for all grade levels in the areas of language arts, mathematics, and English language development. Smart goals are Specific and strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Results-based, and Time-bound. The curriculum is standards-based and engages student learning. The Beechwood staff, through PLCs, will monitor individual student results progress, and revise goals and RTI strategies as necessary based on student needs. Parents are informed and involved in their child’s progress and viewed as partners in the education of their children. 

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • Beechwood School will decrease the percentage of students not meeting grade level by 20% as measured by the 2021-2022 Fullerton School District I-Ready English Language Arts benchmark assessment #1. Our baseline on grade level rate for the school as a whole was 58%. Therefore, our goal for our grade level rate on the Fullerton School District I Ready benchmark is to be 66%. The above goal holds true for Math as well. Beechwood School will decrease the percentage of students not meeting grade level by 20% as measured by the 2021-2022 Fullerton School District I-Ready Mathematics benchmark assessment #1. Our baseline on grade level rate for the school as a whole was 38%. Therefore, our goal for our grade level rate on the Fullerton School District I-Ready benchmark is to be 58%. 

  • The percentage of students in grades 3-8 scoring in levels 1 and 2 ("not meeting State Standards") on the 2021-22 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) CAASPP assessment will decrease by a minimum of 10% from the 2018-19 ELA and Mathematics results.

  • Implementation of California Common Core Standards.
  • Focus on 21st Century skills and scaling up the levels of cognition in every classroom.
  • Multi-tiered Systems of Support (RtI and PBIS) to provide a structure for cyclical screening, intervening, and monitoring the progress of all students not yet proficient.
  • Full-time RtI specialist on campus to provide direct service to students, leadership in regards to interventions, and coaching to staff.
  • Addition of instructional assistant on campus to provide direct service to students, specifically reading workshop, writing workshop, and phonics workshop (K-2)
  •  Teachers incorporate designated and integrated ELD to meet the needs of English Learners.
  • Math Interventions and Math enrichment provide differentiated and enriched instruction.
  • Full-time RTI specialist in mathematics
  • Elementary grade level PLCs meet eight times monthly. Middle school PLC teams meet four times monthly. Collaboratively, teams are sharing common assessments, evaluating student results, and researching and discussing strategies that will ensure student achievement.
  • High-quality Physical Education is taught by a credentialed PE teacher.
  •  Continue to increase rigor and relevance through cross-curricular instructional units within the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
  •  Further, refine the GATE cluster program with additional training for teachers.
  • Enrichment opportunities include sports, speech and debate, Writers Guild, orchestra, Math Field Day, the school play, PathFinder, and a variety of other avenues for students to explore their interests.

Goal 2: Technology and Digital Literacy

  • The school staff and School Site Council have analyzed the academic performance of all student groups and have considered the effectiveness of key elements of the instructional program for students falling below grade-level standards. As a result, it has adopted the following school goals, related actions, and expenditures, aligned to district LCAP, to raise the academic performance of students not yet meeting state standards:

  • High levels of technology integration to personalize learning which includes 1:1 iPads in grades 3-8 and classroom sets in grades K-2
  • All teachers follow a coordinated scope and sequence to teach digital literacy
  • Beechwood meets the criteria to be recognized as a Common Sense Media School.
  • The school community raises additional funds to support hardware and software purchases
  • A variety of software is utilized to personalize instruction to the greatest extent possible.
  • All middle school students participate in STEM through Project Lead the Way.
  • The school utilizes District support for professional development in the area of technology integration.

Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment

  • Beechwood will provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment for all members of our school community and implement the school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and SupportPBIS) system.

  • Further, enhance a positive school-wide culture through the implementation of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program.
  • A school counselor holds small groups and individual counseling for social-emotional learning.
  • Teachers all teach the Second Step curriculum as part of their curriculum.
  • Restorative practices are implemented across grade levels
  • The administration is highly visible and interacts with both parents and students daily.

Goal 4: Parent Engagement

  • Beechwood will support excellent

communication among all members of

our school community and within our

District and the

  • School Activities
    • Back to School Night (Fall) and Open House (Spring)
    • Awards Assemblies and Monthly Flagpole Assemblies
    • Beechwood Family Educational Nights
    • Community Events such as the World’s Fair, Dinner & Auction,
    • Dining for Dollars, etc.

  • Advisory and Advocacy Roles
  • Monthly PTA Meetings 
  • Monthly Foundation Meetings
  • School Site Council Meetings
  • ELAC Meetings 
  • DELAC Meetings
  • Parent GATE Advisory Group

  • Activities to Support Learning at Home
  • Parent Education nights are planned throughout the year.
  • Topics include Family Arts Night, developing readers/writers, and Drug/Vaping awareness. Parents have access to neighborhood resources (St. Jude’s, Pathways of Hope, Fullerton Police Department, and the City of Fullerton) and are
  • invited to attend these events through various communication
  • tools including phone calls, emails, newsletters, and flyers.